Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gaza: Let There Be Love Fundraiser Post Write-Up

RANTAI Art Events with The Synchro Psycho Show


"Gaza: Let There Be Love"

Sunday, Feb 7: The suburban sleepy hollow of Amcorp Mall in the heart of Petaling Jaya was yesterday breathed in new life with the youth charity fundraiser, 'Gaza: Let There Be Love'.

Presented by Efogen Sdn. Bhd. an oil & gas company as the corporate sponsor for RANTAI Art Events, the event was greeted by an in-an-out crowd of hundreds of young people throughout the course of the day, who shopped and donated all day to the booths decorating the new Buzz-R venue of the mall.

'Let There Be Love' turned out to be an unlikely triumph in the indie/D.I.Y. work ethic as the event collected a grand total of RM2800 after only eight hours of collection! Of important note, all the proceeds were immediately gathered to be funneled into the authorised NSTP Fund for Gaza via cheque.

Acoustic and electric performances by a musical lineup of 21 entirely independent artists - who all performed for free - proved the winning factor in the event's success. With no visible weak link in the lineup of stellar performances, a great sound system and a stage crew, at least the music segment of 'Let There Be Love' could be unanimously considered a runaway hit.

Given such a low expectation event, the day grew more and more happening as it became harder to pick out highlights out of all the performances, all of them for free. From Rashdan Harith and Reza Salleh to the mercurial Stonebay, Auburn and Brainhead right over to the merry gangs of skudap Skudip, Dogen, Funky Doryz, Matematik, the hyper-kinetic Komplot and the moody, heavy-hitting curtain closers The Otherside Orchestra!

Meanwhile, booths of all shapes and sizes by young labels including Button My Buttons, Tangga, Frou Frou, Heart Beats, Itsy-Bitsy Bites, Souk Republic, Bangkit, Rascal, Lah’ Lah’ Land, Mimpi, Laqoo, Khalilmakata, My Favourite Tees,The Brains and many more were attracting the generosity and genuine interest in their custom made goods as they tailored their art in Palestinian colours and to the Gaza cause.

Hosting the event were a talented young duo of indie renaissance men, Hamzah and Tara from the hit online indie magazine show, The Synchro Psycho Show. All the musicians, collectives, presenters and organisers all make up a formidable, self-sustainable youth community on the move towards vibrant events that are forward-thinking and purposeful, run entirely by and for the youth.

'Gaza: Let There Be Love' was also in conjunction with the start of a new national college tour which will highlight a caravan of up-and-coming bands and art collectives, notably Stonebay, Brainhead and Auburn as well as their aesthetic counterparts.

This small victory was also not possible without aid courtesy of EFOGEN and Amcorp Mall as the official monetary and venue sponsors.

With this independent D.I.Y. spirit, RANTAI Art Event's youth community looks onward to the next big venture of the year - the educational 'Rock The Art College Tour 2009'!

by Izuan Shah

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gaza: Let There Be Love Fundraiser 2009 | Line-Up!


Here are the line up so far, for Gaza: Let There Be Love Fundraiser 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

GAZA: Let There Be Love Fundraiser 2009

With the world recently been devastated with what has been done upon the Palestenians, we at “RANtAi”, feel the urge to lend a hand, or as many as possible, in our way by creating a fund raising event. We, as the young generations of young artists and professionals, come forward to you with this; A charity event is a combination of a fundraiser for Gaza, booths consisting various types of products, performing arts/music, and charity auctions.

Date: 7th February 2009

Time: 10am - 10pm

Venue: Buzz 'R, 3rd Floor, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya

(near LRT Taman Jaya & A&W Restaurant)

| Booth Registration |

Terms and Conditions

·      15% of the gross sales of the day shall will be directed to the fund;

·      Participating booth will be charged RM30;

·      There will be an auction of any products during the event, be free to participate;

·      Kindly register yourself at RANtAi information counter before opening your booth on the day itself;

·      Any complaints or inquiries, feel free to check yourself with the RANtAi information counter.


Please confirm your availability and your interest in taking part of this wonderful event by replying to us via submitting the form below. For any other queries, do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail rantai.event@gmail.com or calling us. 

Thank you for your kind attention. Hope to see you soon!